Michael J Phillips Custom Wood Floors Terms of Service

Please take the time to review
the following information and our contract terms and conditions.

Arrival Time / Key - We cannot be specific about an arrival time as this varies by job. We ask that you hide a key or leave a key with a neighbor. We don’t want to be an inconvenience to you by having you wait.

Changes - Last-minute changes in the job size, color, or finish might mean that we cannot always fit job changes into our schedule immediately. This means rescheduling. We have other important customers that we like to work with in a timely manner as well. If there is a change, contact us immediately so, we can re-work our schedule for your job.

Scheduling - When you call us to schedule, try to do so at least 2 weeks in advance.

FilTime Frame - Each and every job may differ slightly, so we cannot really give a specific outline for this.

What You Should Prepare For Our Work - The building should be completely closed in, with outside windows & doors in place - ALL wet trades (drywall & paint, etc.) should have their work completed. Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems should be operating - the temperature and relative humidity are to be at "normal living conditions," that is, between 60 & 80 degrees (F) and between 30% - 50% humidity. The wood floor should then acclimate to conditions on the job site.

Furniture, appliances, room furnishings, and old floor coverings should be removed from rooms where flooring is being installed. If you agree to have Michael J. Phillips Custom Wood Floors move furniture for you, we are not responsible for any damage or moving the furniture back at the end of the job unless specified in your invoice agreement. If you agree to have Michael J. Phillips remove the carpet/tile etc., we do not cart the materials away unless specified in your invoice agreement.